Do you have questions about your oral health? Today's Dentistry has compiled answers to just a few of our most commonly asked questions below.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the answers to some of our more frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact our office and let our dental professionals help.

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What to do if I have a Dental Emergency?

When you feel you have a dental emergency, it is very important to remain calm and contact us ASAP at (208) 425-2892.

Our team will do their best to schedule you to see Dr. White so he can provide quick relief when a dental emergency happens.

What if I do not have Dental insurance?

Not to worry here at Todays Dentistry Nampa North we offer an In House Plan called the Membership Savings Plan designed to help with the high costs of Dental Insurance. In addition, we offer Payment Plans and Financing.

What does the New Patient Exam include?

Here at Todays Dentistry Nampa North we are offering our New Patient Special with participating Dental Insurances a Comprehensive Exam, Complete Xrays, A Regular Dental Cleaning (If there is no current Periodontal Disease) and 4 Free Ultradent Whitening trays.

Do you have financing options available?

Yes we do. We have Payment Plans and Financing through Sunbit.

Do you offer Braces?

Yes we do on a case by case bases we offer Invisalign. For many of our patients that have minor crowding and or need minor adjustments we offer Invisalign. For more advanced cases we refer to a partnered Orthodontist. 

How often should I go into the dentist?

This is another case by case bases. It is recommended to see the Dentist twice a year minimum, which include a periodic exam and a routine cleaning. In some cases some patients that have more complications we recommend sooner to maintain optimal health.

What does my Dental Insurance cover?

Most dental insurances cover a Comprehensive Exam per office, 2 Periodic Exam a year, 2 Cleanings a year, and a Complete Set of Xrays. It just depends what type of dental insurance you may have. Feel free to give us a call and together we will get to the bottom of your Dental Benefits.

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